The old and the new learning

The old and the new learning

Client: SLO (Stichtin Leerplanontwikkeling), Enschede

SLO is a national expertise centre for curriculum development and curriculum development in primary, special and secondary education in the Netherlands. The curriculum is an important foundation for good education, developed on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science together with teachers, school leaders and other partners.

For SLO, I mapped the historical development of views on education. The map focuses on three islands: Play, Learn and Work. In the traditional view of education, the islands are separate states, separated by a sea border. Each island depicts a stage of a child's life, a human life. First play, then move to the island Learning for school. There is a set route, much remains completely disregarded from the road. Finally, you migrate to the island of Work never to return.

In a modern conception of learning, those islands are connected to a network of infrastructure, there are bridges and rail links between Learning, Working and Playing. Boundaries have been removed, a new kind of freedom of movement has emerged. New areas such as Playful Learning, Learning Working and Working Play have been established. At a glance, one can see how the substantive coherence of a new consideration relates to history and a personal chronological development.

A third map shows the Capital City, which in the old view was a walled fortified city, where fixed norms prevailed. The fortifications have been demolished in the new Capital, and residents from far and wide live in the spacious suburbs, in the Talents district, at Enterprise, in the Social district, the Guides district or in the extremely quiet streets of Self.