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Jean Klare 

Papenstraat 99
7411 NC Deventer

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photography: keke keukelaar

about me

I am Jean Klare, independent graphic designer and author. I offer high-quality graphic design services such as visual identities, recruitment and information campaigns, books and book covers, brochures, and all kinds of other offline and online applications.

I am also known as the author of the Atlas of Perception, which was distributed in a print run of more than half a million copies worldwide. A completely revised edition, The Great Atlas of Perception and the atlas From A to B (and back) appear with Amsterdam-based publisher de Harmonie.

Based on the Atlas of the World of Experience, I literally map all kinds of complex subjects for larger and smaller organisations by means of associative cartography. My clients include CBS, PGGM, the Dutch Association of Insurers and Microsoft Netherlands. Read more about this in the book Atlas of Everything.

Unfortunately, there are some very similar imitations of the Atlas of the World of Experience in circulation, used for personal development training and evaluation, among other things. These derivative associative cartographies regularly confuse fans and readers of my work. However, these imitations based on the World of Experience are expressly not exploited with the permission of the authors or the publisher.

When I find time, I work on new work of my own in my studio.

I have lived and worked in Deventer since 1994 in the city's nicest neighbourhood, the Noordenberg Quarter. Besides my work, I love especially complex modern but also classical music, outstanding food and cooking, visual arts, film, theatre and literature. I play guitar badly, learn to play classical piano and, as an amateur caterer, enjoy cooking for larger groups. I also enjoy sailing my sailing yacht Scheurbuik on the IJssel and IJsselmeer, paddling my sea kayak on the river, sometimes hitting a ball of squash, racing my bike over dykes or dredging a round through the woods on my mountain bike.

what others say

Jean Klare is a good graphic designer and a truly original thinker. But at this point I would mainly like to recommend his cooking. He's been an extraordinary chef at many of the ass-crack stage-hack events I hosted in Havenkwartier Deventer. Reliable collaboration partner.

Harco Rutgers  | Visual (sound) artist, owner of record label Esc.rec. and director of art venue De Perifeer

Jean is a super creative. Both for De Gier | Stam & Advocaten and privately (wedding design), Jean has done more than outstanding work. And he still does. Jean knows how to effortlessly combine his own creativity with the client's input. Besides his creativity, I find it at least as important that Jean is a very reliable and amiable person.

Evert van Gelderen  | Intellectual property & contracts lawyer - founding partner at Clairfort Lawyers

Creativity sometimes seems to come out of nowhere. It is then tempting to think that someone "just has good ideas". For example, Jean Klare. What appear to be brilliant inventions are in fact the final stage of a well-wrought, virtuoso thought process. Because it is the first thing that becomes visible, it just seems right. But with Jean Klare, nothing just happens. The spark of inspiration springs from the prolonged blazing fire of his intellect. The concrete play of line and colour, of form and imagery is solidified abstraction. And since Jean is a sharp thinker, curious, with a Davincian versatility and dedication, this makes him the master designer he is. A deep, deep bow to Jean. Who moreover spills red wine all over his beige chair with such verve.

Annedien Hoen | Partner Elling & Hoen