From A to B (and back again)

From A to B (and back again)

The Atlas of Perception appeared in more than 15 languages and sold more than 500,000 copies in the Netherlands alone.

My new book From A to B (and back again) is a signpost with 50 maps that leads the reader along fictional routes through reality and fantasy. Cities, villages, mountains and seas, which have names of feelings, ideas and sensory experiences, are connected by roads, railway lines and rivers.

The journey goes through topics such as learning something difficult, having a new thing, finding or losing a new love, taking a trip, resolving a conflict, being cheated or insulted, having a good idea (or being robbed of it) but you also find a the route through shopping, putting on a shoe or ironing a shirt.

From A to B (and back again) shows you the way, but also lets you get lost in your own imagination.