On course in a new world

On course in a new world

Client: Alex van Groningen

Alex van Groningen has been the leading training institute for finance professionals in the Netherlands since 1994.

Every year, the company organises CFO Day, a conference for chief financial officers of the top 300 listed companies in the Netherlands. In 2012, the conference's theme was 'Your course in a new world'. There, this sea chart was used to give an overview of the causes and consequences of the financial crises from 2008 onwards.

You see ageing, population growth, globalisation, scarcity, barrenness and instability. Much of the established order was swept away as if by a tsunami, but some of the good and the bad were also preserved. Not only are the dangers named, the opportunities are also presented in context. You see the problems, but also the ways out; crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, flexibility, Innovation.

Conference participants will be able to see on this kart exactly what developments, challenges and possibilities present themselves for discovering and mining new opportunities.

Like no other, Jean knows how to delve and bite into a theme. It is therefore a joy to work with him and create a card. The final product is then so complete and logical that you feel the map must have been there all along. This is thanks to Jean's unique talent for combining analysis, associate and creativity.

Melle Eikelhoff | director Alex van Groningen