Bank of Value

Bank of Value

Client: Rabobank / Noor Bongers
In collaboration with: Noor Bongers

In the mainstream economy of money, on this map an area in the south-west, where bankers are usually at home, hard numbers dominate. Much is left out.

The Bank of Value is an exploration of the Economy of Value area, a large area in the north-east on this map. Both areas have 'The Share' as their capital, but there is a difference. In the economy of money, you buy a share and take the profit; in the economy of value, you take your share and create something. Valuable relationships, quality, opportunities, an added value that may not be expressed in money.

This map offers a bird's eye view of an area that financial professionals are used to neglecting, but which is probably essential for their success, and for them, and us as human beings.

Because be honest, the best things in life are free.

Jean is capable of visualising very complex processes and complicated matter, in a form that people can really use. I have worked with Jean several times and developed three maps together. People plan journeys, project their visions, obstacles and interest onto the map. The maps are a 'record' of a process people go through together, and even more a tool for development. They give people guidance in conveying the story, with all aspects.
Jean is extremely pleasant to work with. It is advisable to involve him in the process at an early stage. He attends sessions and brainstorms and develops his own visual world in these. During these sessions, Jean's sketches form an input for exploration of the dialogue. The maps are a showpiece of a project and retain their value. They are not a static record, but a representation of future scenarios with dynamics. This remains visible, workable and sharable. Jean's maps ask the right questions and are thus a lasting invitation. I would do it if I were you.

Noor Bongers