The Society Messenger

The Society Messenger

Client: Publisher Petrichor

Publisher petrichor is a small-scale underground publisher of high-quality publications with poetry, fine art and other fine things that can present themselves so beautifully in a book. Petrichor wants to provide a platform for artists and writers who may be less likely to appeal to the masses but deserve it. They are often commercially less interesting but very much so in terms of content. Publisher petrichor offers well-known and lesser-known authors and artists from home and abroad a stage in book form. In this, quality prevails over quantity.

The publisher has begun to gather a company of contributors around it, the Petrichor Society. This group of friends of the publisher, in addition to access to special events and a discount on issues, receive a special issue in small print twice a year, The Society Messenger, which will publish previews, samples, behind-the-scenes looks, author interviews and other exclusives.

I produced a design for the Society Messenger. As this is a very small print run, by cleverly using standard materials and production techniques with a very limited production budget, I created a surprisingly versatile edition. Each piece of content gets its own format and production technique, text in cheaper one-colour printing, images in full colour. Some parts on thin paper, some on thicker paper. Some parts loose-leaf, some folded, some bound. Some on small format, some on large format. The design for the typography is very flexible, a template has been developed for all possible parts to serve for a subsequent edition. Some of the typography is subservient, out of pure respect for the text, another part is playful and has a characteristic mug. This forges the collection into a consistent whole.

The components are bundled in a standard box, which looks very elegant due to a label. Opening it feels like a gift, and that is exactly the intention, the publisher thanks its benefactors with this.

Interested in publishing or would you also like to become a participant and receive the trinket I designed? Sign up here to.

Thanks to the enthusiastic thinking by Jean, the Petrichor Society Messenger has become a wonderful gift for Society members. A gift that, on unwrapping alone, is a warm welcome to our members. The design makes it look very attractive and professional.

Martin Knaapen, publisher