Client: Clairfort advocaten, Zeist
In association with: Name creation by Elling & Hoen

Clairfort Lawyers and Mediators is a fast-growing new law firm based in Zeist and Amsterdam. Clairfort specialises in Intellectual Property and IT, competition, employment law, construction & real estate, corporate law and M&A.

It is a close-knit team of specialists who are kind to clients and, when necessary, less kind to opponents. That's why you see round, and hard corners.

The best interests of clients, what is dear or vulnerable, are at the centre. Getting to the core quickly and protecting that, professionally, clearly and powerfully.

Jean is a super creative. Both for De Gier | Stam & Advocaten and privately (wedding design), Jean has done more than outstanding work. And he still does. Jean knows how to effortlessly combine his own creativity with the client's input. Besides his creativity, I find it at least as important that Jean is a very reliable and amiable person.

Evert van Gelderen | Intellectual property & contracts lawyer - founding partner at Clairfort Lawyers