The collaboration

The collaboration

Client: Sustainable Maintenance Uiterwaarden project team - Rijkswaterstaat Arnhem

Rijkswaterstaat is a huge organisation responsible for the national infrastructure consisting of road and waterways. This also includes the dykes and floodplains. The maintenance of the rivers and everything that lies, stands and grows around them is, in many cases, carried out by Rijkswaterstaat in cooperation with external partners. This cooperation usually takes place within the structures of public tendering procedures. These tenders are notoriously complicated and cumbersome.

The values-driven maintenance Uiterwaarden (WOUW) project team is organising maintenance work differently in a Rijkswaterstaat pilot project. The connection of all factors, opportunities and risks, difficulties and possibilities of this new way of cooperation is shown in this map.

An accurate geographical representation of the floodplains of the Dutch rivers is an integral part of the map.

Developments in this exploration will be highlighted in subsequent versions of the map. Thus, successive versions will reflect developments in cooperation.